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Privacy policy

Windows Phone / Windows Mobile / Windows version:

Car Scanner and Car Scanner Pro does not collect or use your personal data, but it is using Microsoft Advertising modules, that are collecting and using location data and/or user-related information and providing this information to Microsoft for Microsoft’s advertising use.

Apple iOS version:

Car Scanner doesn’t collect any personal related data, but Car Scanner uses Google AdMob advertising module, that can collect data and send it to Google in order to show you advertising.
Google may use the advertising ID from the device on which the ad is serving to generate interests and demographics (for example, ‘sports enthusiasts’). Interests, demographics, and other data may be used to serve better targeted ads to the user.

Connecting to 2002-2008 Nissan/Infinity/Datsun

This articles is related to Nissan/Infinity/Datsun (sometimes even Renault) cars, that were made from 2002-2008 and has no CAN support.

1Problem description.

If you have a Nissan/Infinity/Datsun or Renault and you:

  • can’t connect to your car,
  • or connection is established successfully, but Car Scanner shows you only “ELM voltage”

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